Stone Remedies


Usually all we know about gems is that they are precious and herald good days. But the important questions arises is that  what makes Gems so special? How do they work for different planets?

Originally gems are there for  all Navagrahas like ruby for the Sun, pearl for Moon, coral for Mars, emerald for Mercury, topaz for Jupiter, diamond for Venus, sapphire for Saturn, Gomed for Rahu and Cat’s eye for Ketu.

Since the early days of civilization, natural gemstones have always been regarded as sources of serenity, affluence and contentment. In fact, praises illustrating the use and significance of innumerable natural gemstones as powerful source of energy influencing human fate and destiny have been found to be recorded in several significant ancient scriptures from across the globe.

All gemstones are broadly catagorised into two categories i.e  precious and semi precious. All these gems have the power to catch and assimilate rays being emitted from these planets. Each gemstone vibrates on a specific frequency level hence they become resonant with these rays and enhance flow of the rays in our body.  As a matter of fact, semi precious gems also have resonance-that too quite close to that of precious gems.  But in absence of exact resonance, the effective result is not more than ten or twenty percent.

.Gemstones are usually recommended by expert astrologers based on one’s horoscope. It is also very important to wear the right Gemstone as per your natal chart as right gemstones strengthen fate and destiny and wrong one’s produce sickness and suffering.

Before buying gemstone ensures  the 3 ‘C’ policy i.e. proper Cut, Clarity and Colour.

Cut : A gemstone has been cut and polished and to what proportions, these factors determine the life, brilliance and lusture of the gemstone.

Clarity : Ideal gemstone should carry good clarity. Avoid black spotted and  lackluster gemstones.

Colour : Gemstones come in various Shades of medium light to very dark. Ideally gemstones should bear good and dark colour. Nowadays market is flooded with dyed stones. Please be aware before buying the gemstone.