Manglik Shanti


Manglik dosh

The Indian Vedic marriage scenario gives utmost importance to Mangal Dosha, Kuja Dosha, and Manglik Dosha. They are different named variants of one astrological combination where Mars is in the Ascendant (1st House) or in the 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house of the Vedic astrology chart. Manglik Dosha leads to delay and obstacles in marriages hence it is advised for both partners to be having similar Kuja dosha for a peaceful married life.

It is known that ills effects of Mangal Dosha lessen after the age of 28 and hence Mangliks are advised to marry late. The logic behind this is, that mangal is a planet of youth, passion, energy, stamina and aggression,  which is more in the human being from age 18yrs to 28 yrs and after that it became lesser as the age grows.

Evil effects of Manglik dosha

Delay in marriage

Disturbances in marital life

Deprivation of good harmonial life

Distance in marital life.


Death of spouse

Apart from these effects in marital life, manglik dosha may also hold up many crucial prospects of life.

Couples suffering from strong manglik dosha face hurdles in following aspects apart from marriage:

disturbance in acquiring education

delay in career/profession

lack of strength, courage and the protective quality

lack of vitality and confidence

Difficulties in Child birth


One should do remedies to get rid of these ill effects of manglik dosh by performing manglik dosh shanti yagna.