Grah Milan

grah milan

Grah Milan is related to planetary compatability of a boy and a girl for marriage purpose. In a birth chart, celestial lord is assigned to Rashi. These are either friends, neutral or enemy. This compatability is holding 5 points out of 36 in the Ashtkoot Milan. If both rashi’s are friend, then 5 or 4 points should be counted or if the rashi lords are enemy then there should be 0 point.

Grah Milan is also be important for psychological disposition and friendship. Under this Milan 1st , 4th , 5th  , 7th , 9th  and 10th houses should be seen. From the 1st house we check the personality of the person, 4th house is for the luxury of life, 5th house is for family or santaan yog, 7th  house is for life partner, and 10th house is for the luck or how fortunate that  person is. This also be seen that the planets or rashi lords of these house should not be in 6th , 8th or 12th house.

One should consider that there should not be dirdwadash dosh or shadashtak dosh while matching the horoscopes.